Monday, August 1, 2016

The Art of Persuasion

Good read by Dilbert's creator on the art of persuasion by Donald Trump.
Applicable to all of us in real life too. I tend to write things for me to read instead of for others to read. :) In office presentations, it also does seems the 3 components, Ethos, pathos, Logos need to be present to make a good and compelling pitch. But nothing beats having the Pathos right. Once you get the pathos right, the other 2 components will be more or less met with less objections from the audience.

If you are keen to explore the ethos, pathos and logos in play, you could just attend one of the numerous investing seminars out there. You will see the flow is almost always the same. Build the credibility, appeal to your emotions, set out the "facts"/logic on how to achieve it. And lastly, CALL TO ACTION ! :) Sign up or Miss Out! hehe..
Adams, in other words, believes that Trump himself has turned the campaign game around. On the stump, the real-estate mogul is not running on the knowledge of his numbers or the dissection of the data. He is running on our emotions, Adams says, and sly appeals to our own human irrationality. Since last August, in fact, when many were calling Trump’s entry a clown candidacy, the “Dilbert” cartoonist was already declaring The Donald a master in the powers of persuasion who would undoubtedly rise in the polls. And last week, Adams began blogging about how Trump can rhetorically dismantle Clinton’s candidacy next.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Considerations for Retiree or lumpsum investors

Opinion: Why a 100% stock portfolio can ruin your retirement
very often we hear about ignoring stock market volatility and just keep invested or to do DCA.

However, this is only true for people with extended timeframe and who has an active income.

For retirees and lump-sum investors, it might be more prudent to keep to an asset allocation strategy and rebalance periodically. You might not get the normal equities return of 8-10% annually, but you will sleep easy with a 4% withdrawal rate. Though it comes with another risk, Inflation, which will reduce your purchasing power for the same dollar.

I have been investing for 7+yrs full time in equities/bonds ... and have come to the realisation, real estate is probably a better way to get returns for people who can afford to buy properties.

Monday, January 18, 2016

UBS outlook for 2016.

UBS 2016 Houseview

UBS has make their houseviews available online if you are interested.

Take a pinch of salt.

They are only as good as you and me.. hehe.. I don't think there is any edge.